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iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id380853988?mt=8 If you like our app and willing to post a review, send an email to windy777.market@gmail.com for promo code please. ★Part of users’ comments of former version★ • “I hope I won’t have to use it, but I like knowing it’s there” —Jade • “Very happy with this app. It covers everything you need to know 10 stars” —Samantha • “Being a Lifeguard it’s always fun and helpful to go through this test and review your ...
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Hi, i tried namingforce.com for a name contest and it was really good. I got more than 500 names for app to select from.. I have a question about app motto or slogan ( for example Evernote has REMEBER EVERYTHING). Do you have experience with some of slogan contest companies? I found this one : http://www.sloganslingers.com . The second question is about copywriting for coming soon page. Where to find good one for mobile app website.. Thanks a lot We used http://www.kristofcreative.com for a couple of times ...
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imm looking for a script that does this ...http://www.sloganizer.net/en/ but just the bit so that if ur code looks like such <a href="http://www.sloganizer.net/en/" target="_blank" title="Sloganizer - the slogan generator"><img src="http://www.sloganizer.net/en/style3,TEXT.png" border="0" alt="generated by sloganizer.net" title="This slogan was generated by sloganizer.net"/></a> that wen u change the keyword it changes it on the picture ( TEXT is the keyword) im confused about exactly what your trying to ...
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I am wondering what is the best way, when getting started, to choose keywords. Obviously, at the end of the day you would like to be #1 for keywords that are searched a ton, but is it better to start off with a niche keyword list, then eventually change your site to the bigger keywords? Won't this hurt your page rank, and pretty much make you start from scratch trying to get those back links based on the new words? E.g. My slogan is now " Providing Free Picks for the Sports Betting Community" it used to be ...
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What is Android's slogan? For Droids, it's DROID DOES, but that doesn't apply to, say, the Evo 4G. If there isn't one, could we make one? Android...DOES?
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I just registered www.web3o.com (Believe it or not, it was available!!!) I'm thinking I can use it for my Web 3.0 development blog. I need help with a slogan, though!!! My early thoughts: web3o.com - the third time is the charm! web3o.com - 50% better than web 2.0! Third time lucky.....?:knockedout: LOL... is "Third time lucky" the British way of saying "Third time's the charm"? Web 3, oh! "It's all about what you can't see." . Web 3o "less is more." .
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I am trying to come up with a slogan for a local service that provides several quotes to its clients for a needed service. So far I came up with, " compare quotes and save" but I don't think it's catchy enough, please help. Thanks for you anticipated help. 'Get a quote to save bank notes' That's the best I could do! Thank you, lol how about "The hard work's on us, just Compare N Save!"
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I am working on a new website and need something to use for a slogan. Like Coke has "The pause that refreshes." If you have time, please look at and see what pops into your head. Thanks how bout..... You got a college fund for your kids? We'll take that! typhon wrote: how bout..... You got a college fund for your kids? We'll take that! pay, play, win! You never lose the fun here! How about, next time try posting in a more relevant category. No hard feelings, but the General forum ...
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