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I have a website that I registered for one year with a company in australia. my 'ownership' of the name expires in one month, how do i go about switching the domain name registration companies without disrupting my website, and can anyone give me a suggestion of any good domain name registering companies out there? I'm sure you'll discover that many of us use and recommend Godaddy. For an overview you can read up here: ... %2B&ci=291 I think most registrars will / ...
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Can any one identify the problem?I have attached the screen shot with the post.When am siging into may yahoo account it shows an unatural page and the country specified is taiwan instead of us and domain name as Is it hacked frndz..!I couldnt reset the password as the page is redirecting to this page which is shown in the screenshot. If so What I have to do secure my account? Please check the attachment guys Looks like you got hacked as I just logged into my yahoo account and got no such ...
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I'm trying to build a page for new webmasters that searches for available domains from BraveHost, Geocities, DotTk, and Freewebs(and more I will add later). However I ran into trouble when sending a request to Geocities about the availability of their domains. My system works by loading the page that checks the domain on the server of the host and reading whether the domain is available. When I go to the page that checks this from my browser, it displays fine. But when I get PHP to load this page it times ...
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Right, I cant work out why sites are listing different data for my website. Yahoo Site Explorer - 198 Inlinks. SEOmoz Explorer - 3 Total Links Google ( - Nothing Why are sites telling me different things? I have submitted to many directories, shared links on blogs, linked people to my site and know I have people linking to me. Still no PR, but I guess that will come with time. As the domain has only been online since back end of nov. Sam Relax! it will take time! here is the ...
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I have registered a domain with Yahoo, and set the DNS servers to that of the webhost. What do I enter into the CNAME and A Records? Most registrants don't ask for this info, and I am not sure what goes in there. Right now our site is down. Not sure if it still a matter of propagation, or if the CNAME and A Records are a problem. Specifically the CNAME record which keeps defaulting to Yahoo! Hostname when I enter an IP address, and where server DNS address cannot be entered (keep getting "service not ...
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I saw a commercial earlier for (url: and they were offering $3.99 per domain registration. I was curious if any of you guys could find anything cheaper than that - and if you can, please post what it is. I need register another domain here soon, and I'd like to see where the cheapest/most reliable registrar is. Thanks in advance. mafiaboy3 wrote: yahoo all the way, not far from 1-2$ a domain First year of yahoo is $1.9, but next year is $9 I heard 1and1 ...
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hm.. After I pressed the red button on my Version 1.PR of Firefox.. and it upgraded to 1.. FireFox broke.. and Outve strange and bizzareness.. My Mozilla 1.8 Doesn't work either.. It can't Be Winsock keys, Because, For Some Reason, Internet Explorer Works... Out've Idea's. Can't Connect to Ip's Either for Mozilla products. ( ) Any Thoughts!? Or am I doomed to Internet Explorer/Opera :/ Could've my 47Day uptime somewhere along the lines Cripple Mozilla? Heres My Hijack log just outve maybe ...
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I am trying to connect to another service using OAuth1. I have downloaded and added to my project the google GTM OAuth source code but don't know exactly what to do. They have give some examples of how to access google contacts but not other sites. Edit Bump can anyone help me with this? I'm just getting a bunch of compile errors and stuff. I came up with this so far, but it doesn't work. NSString *kMyClientID = @"abcd"; // pre-assigned by service NSString *kMyClientSecret = @"efgh"; // pre-assigned by ...
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Just a quick question about my websites stats and how it all works. I have been working on my sites PR and after almost a year I have PR 2. This is what I use to check my site: I just don’t get how yahoo indexes my site (And other sites). It is always a struggle getting my site indexed by Yahoo. For example, Google has found 137,000 Links to my site, When Yahoo has just 97. What is this all about and is this a common issue with yahoo. Edited by Siteezy, 02 August 2011 - ...
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Hello everyone, I just purchase a HTC Thunderbolt. I purchase it for the sole purpose for receiving and answering emails the fastest way possible. My type of business depends how fast the email gets to me and how fast I return a call to a phone number email to me. The same email with phone numbers goes out to my other 150 competitors. I use one computer and now will use my new Thunderbolt to wait for those phone numbers email to me. My question is, what are the best setting to receive an email the fastest ...

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