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Hello....would anyone happen to know if there is an app so I can play spades in yahoo games?
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have a Droid Global 2, 2.2, love it.. hoping to complete love affair by finding away to play yahoo spades on it (they open in java window) Any browsers which will load those pages/windows?
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Hi all, This field is for security anlysor and administrator did you hear about the ADSs?? SPADE is a free, opensource and efficient ADS (view: ) and it is a preprocessor of snort ( its mechanism is based on mathematics (probability, statistics, entropy...) Me ThinKs it's an iNtReSting ToOl___ so let's analyse its features...any suggestion? That URL does not work for Spade. I believe the correct URL is: ... ...
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Hi all! New to the forums and excited to discuss Droid apps and games. I'm about to download the Spades (free) game for Droid. They're telling me it has access to my phone calls. Does anyone know why a game would need access to your phone calls? Is it just so they don't interrupt the gameplay?
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Our small company has developed a free Spades game with emphasis on a good AI. Basing on Market comments, the game is somewhere between good and great. If you are tired of dumb computer moves, check it out! Market URL, 802Kb
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hi guys just need some help i had some spyware and maleware on the pc i seemed to get rid of it all but for some reason now none of my startup items seem to start on a reboot such as the volume control next to the clock doesnt come up anymore and also i had mouseware items like a little mouse next to the clock too and that doesnt start up....i went to msconfig and tried it that way but it still doesnt show up even tho its checked to be started up on a boot any ideas guys? please help! and systry doenst ...
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Have you bought then returned an Android phone? He got after a Techcrunch article.
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ok so i have 3 images... an ace of spades... the back of a card... and a king of spades... how would i get it so when i tap the screen it shows the ace of spades (which takes up the whole screen) flip to the back of the card and then have that keep flipping (w/o stopping) to the king of spades, then stopping thanks - albert
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Some food for though! I wonder if PR was down because Google got Hacked - Again! Tried a search in Sam Spade for the domain and here is what I got - See Attachment - worth it and quite interesting. Let me know what you guys think!! Note the date - it corresponds with PR downtime! I totaly belive that's a fake. Plus the akadns system doesn't work like that, of course hacking can, but it's definitly not the case after what *actually* happened. Though i couldn’t believe what’s in the ...
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