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What is the best way to calculate two values for feet and inches. Example: TextField1 User types in 12 TextField2 User types in 1 UILabel returns 13 But is this possible... TextField1 User types in 1' TextField2 User types in 1 UILabel returns 13 MZ If statment? Seriously, people need to get basic programming knowledge before they start flooding the board with csci 101 questions. I assumed this was a website that beginners can be involved in, considering the beginner tutorials. Maybe the admin should make ...
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Do me a favor and take a look at ths site and tell me what PR you see.... I see PR1 Owner sweers it's a 7, PR tools say it's a seven.... I say it's a 1 like the toolbar says.... Last cache May11 wanadoo-edition.com/ I see PR1 The page with www has PR5 but definitely no PR7 I feel very confident that it is indeed a 1, but I can't understand why the PR tools are saying it is a 7 This says it's a 5-7 http://www.linkadage.com/linkadage-info/metrics_checker.htm This says it's a 7 www.whatsmypagerank.com non-www ...
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Is it possible to get two values inside a single label. Example: @"You need (x) dollars to purchase (y) dolls. Whereas (x) is a dollar amount from a text box and (y) is another value from a different text box. MZ mzinman wrote: » Is it possible to get two values inside a single label. Example: @"You need (x) dollars to purchase (y) dolls. Whereas (x) is a dollar amount from a text box and (y) is another value from a different text box. MZ I believe you would use somehitng like fieldName.text = [NSString ...
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So I am starting to get a lot of pictures in the default album named "Camera" on my Note 2. Default storage of these pics is to my 64Gb SD card. I decided to get organized and put photos into new albums based on events, however, I notice that the storage location of these new albums is on the phone memory, not my SD card. Is there a way to create a new album so that it is stored on the SD card, not phone memory? Thanks! You can use lots of file system apps. I like San Disk Memory Zone because you can just ...
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I bought my moto droid about a week ago, but loved it intil two days ago . The problem is it keeps deleting my pictures and ringtones, they just go away randomly over the pass two days. Does anyone know how to fix this? - thank you hey mzmera, welcome to the forums. im gonna send this over to the droid section. hopefully you can get some help there I'd go to the store and let them exchange it, personally. Quote: Originally Posted by mz.mera I bought my moto droid about a week ago, but loved it intil two ...
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Hi everyone, We are looking to purchase/use some software that tracks your success (rankings) on targeted keywords in Google (predominately). Can anyone suggest the best piece of software to use please? Thanks, Anna I use seoMoz. Works in your browser, free trial, £50/$99 a month. Comes with tools to help you identify other keywords etc, tracks social media too. Cuterank is best option for check keyword ranking in any Search Engine for any country. Free & Paid both version available at official website ...
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Hi Guys, I have a simple contact form, with validation and auto responce here, but I'm really confused how to format the source. Could anyone shed some light on if the parts of this form are in the correct possition? It looks really messy and unorganised to me to be honest, just looking for some pointers on how to potentially clean up this souce. <?php if(!$_POST) exit; // Email address verification, do not edit. function isEmail($email) { ...
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Does anyone know if it is possible to hide the frame around the UIPicker so that I can add my own graphic? MZ
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Hi, Does anybody know of an app that allows to remotely control the phone when connected to the mobile network? Thanks Wayne Remote Controk desktop for android you can download from Remote Web Desktop Full For Android[Apk] ~ Mz-Android Free download Android Apps
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I'm using the Moto Droid and the odd thing is every time one of my friends or my wife posts to FB and I read it from my phone this comes up on their page: "Unable to get Android's location. GPS is probably disabled. Sorry there is nothing I can do." I don't post anything to their page, this comes up automatically. Short of turning on the GPS/battery killer is there a setting I can change? Thanks in advance. MZ


www.google.co.mz/‎CachedNelson Rolihlahla Mandela, 1918 – 2013. Google.co.mz disponível em Kiswahili

Google Mozambique - GMT

wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/.../mozambique/...mozambique/google/‎CachedSimilarWant to search Google Mozambique for Mozambique websites? Google MZ.

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weheartit.com/from/www.google.co.mz‎CachedSimilarSearch and browse images from www.google.co.mz.

Google Moçambique - google.co.mz - Versão moçambicano do ...

searchnewsnetwork.com/google...google...mz...google...google...mz/google.../2013/‎CachedSimilarJan 24, 2013 ... SNN - Search News Network Google Moçambique - google.co.mz - Versão

Map of Mozambique – google Mozambique map - Expert Africa

www.expertafrica.com/mozambique/google-map‎CachedSimilarMap of Mozambique showing remote islands - click to more detailed archipelago

Google.com | Facebook

https//www.facebook.com/googleforyou‎CachedSimilarGoogle.com. 353418 likes · 5227 talking about this. Google Inc. (NASDAQ

How Google Earth helped find Mozambique&#39;s lost forest of Mount ...

www.theguardian.com/.../mount-mabu-google-earth-maps-video‎CachedNov 8, 2013 ... GrrlScientistIn a time and on a planet where we think we know everything, Kew

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www.makegooglemyhomepage.info/.../make-google-mozambique-my-homepage/‎CachedRecently updated instructions explaining how to make Google Mozambique(

Google Map of Mozambique - Moçambique - Nations Online Project

www.nationsonline.org/oneworld/.../google_map_mozambique.htm‎CachedSimilarSearchable Map and Satellite View of Mozambique using Google Earth Data.

3º PASSO - A ARTE DE MOTIVAR PESSOAS - http//sites.google ...

&#9658; 413www.youtube.com/watch?v=hALTMZ1CVqMApr 3, 2010 - 4 min - Uploaded by Sapoia

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